Sunday, July 15, 2007

Virtue of Job(s) Still Untested

With an economy that has been steadily growing the past few years, speculators have to wonder when the next big dip is going to occur. Well it certainly isn't going to happen in June, as Texas unemployment rates remain their lowest in June since 1976. The lovable number (4.1%) continues to bolster Texan pride, giving those southern stalwarts even more reason to proclaim Texas could be its own d#%ned country if it pleases.

But in all seriousness, this increase can mean only good things provided the market remains at a steady increase. But remember the golden rule that whatever comes up must come down. At one point or another, if (or should I say when) the market tumbles, interest rates would currently be stuck at a value too high for borrowers to pay back their gambles, resulting in nothing but trouble.

Until then, live up that life, and for those non-Texas residents, maybe it's time to put up that GTT sign and see if the grass truly is greener in the Great Plains.

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